5 Ways to Pamper yourself at home (#AffordableLuxury)

When you're battling a long day at work, or looking to prep yourself up for a special occasion or maybe even looking for that instant glow before seeing someone special, pampering yourself at home comes in handy, right? Who wants to splurge and take Salon visits when you can get your Spa home? Yes, your very own beauty treatments at the comfort of home, and that too at affordable prices. Sounds like a deal!

We all want to pamper ourselves that extra bit and feel fit to wear a crown, but who has the time for this kind of indulgence? Plus we are all on tight budgets, so how do we still manage to look our best even though we don't have deep pockets? Every once in a while it's nice to take that time out for yourself and keep stress at bay. Weekends make the perfect time for some self pampering, or you could maybe take a day off from work and make the most of your #staycation.

So, ladies and gentlemen, to keep you looking your best always, and keep the cash flow in check of course ;) , we present to you 5 ways to pamper yourself at home and feel all rejuvenated & charged up.


Thinking of a luxurious spa? I'm sure your nasal cells are all charged and long for a soothing, relaxing aroma that not only fills up your senses, but also helps in purifying your mind and body from within. Aromatherapy is one of the best way to ease a tense body and also calm your mind. Whether you're stressed about work or down under the weather an Aromatherapy is all you require. Bring out your air diffuser and put in a few drops of Pure and Natural Essential Oil from La Tierra and let the magic unfold.

Aromatic Essential Oils

Lavender Essential Oil is by far a favourite and it works best to relax and ease you out after some physical or mental exhaustion. Cinnamon Essential Oil promotes cardiovascular function and also eases joint and muscle pain. Lemon-grass Essential Oil has proven to work wonders for head aches and migraine. Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil well known as a mood elevator and aphrodisiac. So, why wait, just sit back, close your eyes, relax and Voila' - welcome to your very own Spa at home.


Bath Salts Soak Foot Spa

Just as you, your feet deserve some TLC too. Ladies, if you love wearing heels this is your saviour. A long walk tiring you out? A mall visit turned into a shopping spree? Don't worry we've got your feet covered ! Just dip them in some hot water and let the warmth ease out the ache. A few drops of Cinnamon Essential Oil help in reducing foot ache and also act as a natural anti-septic to keep fungal infections at bay. It's best to use a gentle exfoliating scrub next like La Tierra's - Sweet Orange Salt Scrub made from 100% Pure and Natural Epsom Salt , enriched with Orange Peel Powder. This is a great way to exfoliate dead skin cells and expose the younger looking cells beneath so your feet feel soft and supple.Orange Peel Powder is loaded with Vitamin C that lightens and brightens your skin from within. Epsom salt detoxifies the skin from impurities and toxins and leaves a fresh glow. So the next time you don't have the time for an expensive salon visit, just grab some hot water, dip those feet in and use a gentle exfoliant. To keep the moisture locked in use an everyday massage oil like La Tierra's French Lavender and Ylang-Ylang and indulge in some foot reflexology.


Face Pack

Want to add an instant glow to your face before a special day but don't want to splurge on expensive treatments? Your wish is our command. La Tierra's range of face care products will ensure you keep looking your best always. So let's get you started! First and foremost rinse your face with hot water and a good cleanser like La Tierra's Apricot Berry Blast Facial cleanser to cleanse out all the dirt and impurities. It is enriched with Pure and All-Natural Extracts such as Strawberry and Peach that are loaded with Vitamins to heal you from within. Next you should use a Face Pack like La Tierra's - The Elixir that is enriched with Pure Sandalwood, Rose and Orange extracts that heal sun damage, reduce dark spots & pigmentation and fight ageing. It adds a beautiful radiant glow to your skin. Mix the pack with yogurt or honey and apply on a clean face and leave it on till it dries. Just rinse off with lukewarm water and there you go. All set for your special day. A great tip would be to incorporate great skin care products into your daily regime to keep on that radiant glow always.


Hair CareYour hair is subjected to a lot of dirt and pollution all day long. Skipping your meals and an unhealthy diet can lead to lack of nourishment for your hair follicles making them frail, in turn causing hair fall, split-ends etc. We all wish for those luscious long locks, don't we? If you're looking to find that special something to undo all the damage to your hair, nourish it and promote hair growth (and much more), then we are here to give you just that !! Treat your hair to an exquisite hair cleanser enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil, Almond Oil and a unique blend of Ayurvedic and All Natural Extracts that will beautify and fortify your hair from the roots. La Tierra's Morrocan Hair Spa is not just a regular Shampoo, it's so much more. Deep conditioning Argan Oil gives a Spa like attention your hair was longing for. Just wet your hair, apply a generous amount and leave on for 5 minutes. Later rinse off with cold water and see your hair shine. Don't trust us? Well, use it to believe it. If your hair has been subjected to hair chemicals while colouring etc, this shampoo is just about right for you. It nurtures from within and locks in the moisture. Wrap your hair in a warm towel later to double the goodness of this daily use shampoo. Be assured, you're going to fall in love with your hair.


Bath Salts In a Hot TubMake the most of your pampering session by ending it in a great bath ritual. Fill up your tub with warm water and throw in some Bath Salts to detoxify and purify your skin. Bath Salts are a great way to replenish the skin of it's lost minerals and make your bath an enriching experience. La Tierra's Pink Himalayan Salt and Epsom Salt is Pure and 100% Natural that can be used by one and all. Bath Salts improve circulation, eliminate toxins and also provide relief from joint pains. regular use helps to maintain the pH balance of your skin. Amazing isn't it? The way natural products heal, nothing can heal better! A few drops of Tea-Tree Essential Oil when added to hot water does wonders to your skin and body. Tea-Tree is a natural Anti-oxidant and thus helps your skin glow. It's an anti-bacterial and anti-septic too. To top all this, the strong fragrance makes it a great choice for aromatherapy as well. In all, derive the best of pampering from your bath and uplift it into an enriching experience.

Be it lazy weekends or special occasions, pamper yourself from head to toe!! Hope you enjoyed reading this blog. Don't forget to try your hands on each of these 5 ways the next time you feel like pampering yourself. 

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