The Amazing Aloe Vera

The Amazing Aloe Vera - La Tierra

For ages now Aloe-Vera has been a household name and it truly needs no introduction. It's every skin care lovers favourite go to for most skin woes. Proven to be effective for conditions like sun burn and acne, Aloe-Vera is also extremely nourishing.The thick leaves of this plant soak and store a lot of water. Freshly cut leaves ooze out a gel like substance that works wonders on skin and hair. Yes, hair too! Why stock up on a host of different chemical products when all you need is a little green leaf working it's magic into your skin and hair?


How to Use :

  • It's surprisingly simple! All you need is a freshly cut Aloe-Vera leaf and a spoon. 
  • Just cut open the leaf horizontally into smaller pieces and use a spoon to extract the gum like gel from within. 
  • Collect the gel in a bowl and add the required additives such as almond oil, coconut oil etc as per your recipe. 
  • Voila' your DIY Aloe-Vera paste is ready to be used.

Remember to use freshly cut leaves as these yield maximum results. If you've got some extra gel refrigerate it to keep it cool and increase it's shelf life.

Aloe-Vera Skin Benefits

1) Moistuirises Skin :

Aloe-Vera is a very potent skin moistuiriser. An overnight application leaves skin soft and smooth all day long. Aloe Vera infused soap can be a great way to ensure your skin is well moistuirised and supple.


2) Soothes Sun Burn and reduces tan:

Aloe-Vera can be a blessing when it comes to sunburn. It has great anti inflammatory properties that help to reduce
the redness due to UV exposure in the sun. It soothes the underlying skin by forming a protective layer over it.

A great way to treat sun burnt skin would be to rub Aloe-Vera ice cubes onto the affected skin. Just pour Aloe-Vera gel into the ice tray and freeze it for an hour before use. The cool temperature of the cubes further helps reduce inflammation.


3) Heals acne :

Aloe-Vera gel has proven to heal acne and breakouts and also reduce the formation of newer ones. The best way would be to add it to your daily face wash or body wash and see a visible difference in just a couple weeks.


4) Slows down ageing :

Aloe-Vera gel, when mixed with oils that have high Vitamin E content like Sweet Almond Oil, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and thus slows down ageing with regular use.


5) Lessens stretch marks :

Daily use of this gel mixed with coconut oil works wonders on stretch marks.


6) Reduces scars and blemishes :

Aloe-Vera gel mixed with fresh lemon juice is a brilliant natural skin whitener that reduces dark spots and blemishes and adds a natural glow.


Aloe-Vera Hair Benefits

1) Reduces Dandruff :

Aloe-Vera has scalp soothing properties due to which, it acts as a natural Anti Dandruff agent and also reduces itchiness.

2) Reduces Hair fall :

When mixed with castor oil, Aloe-Vera helps promote hair growth and also strengthens hair follicles from within giving you thicker, longer and nourished hair.

3) Acts as a Natural Conditioner :


Use Aloe-Vera gel as a mask for your hair overnight and wake up to well moistuirised and conditioned hair. Goodbye fancy salon appointments & hello gorgeous hair!

So these were the amazing uses of Aloe-Vera for you guys. If you guys know other beneficial uses of this miracle gel do let us know your recipes too!

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