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        Apricot Berry Blast Face Wash - Strawberry & Papaya Extracts

        Refreshing Strawberry with the goodness of Papaya for the perfectly clear and glowing skin. Contents : Vitamin E oil, Papaya Extracts, Carrot Extracts, Strawberry Extracts, Peach essential oil, Liquid base Q.S.,...

        Chamomile Face Wash - Anti Ageing Chamomile Extracts with Soothing Cucumber

        Anti-ageing Chamomile Extracts with Soothing Cucumber to leave your skin well nourished, soft and supple. Contents : Vitamin E oil, Chamomile Extracts, Cucumber Extracts Liquid base Q.S., Tea-Tree Essential Oil, Glycerine,...

        Aloe Basil Face Wash - Holy Basil Extracts For Toning & Moisturising

        Holy Basil Extracts with nourishing AloeVera for perfect cleansing, toning and moisturising. Contents : Vitamin E Oil, Holy Basil Extracts,Green-Tea Extracts, Aloe-Vera Extracts, Liquid base Q.S., Glycerine, Purified water. Holy Basil...