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Looking for a quick relaxing session for the mind and body ? Body Massage is your answer. Body Massages are an excellent way to nourish and heal the skin of toxins and ailments as well as sooth and relax your body muscles and feel refreshed, energized and rejuvenated.

Gone are the days when Body Massage was done using boring day-to-day Massage Oils. Why settle for anything but the best? La Tierra's range of Massage Oils offer a wide range of therapeutic benefits to choose from. Enriched with 100% Pure and Natural Essential Oils, our Massage Oils are perfect to sooth your mind and body after a hectic day at work. Picking the right Massage Oil for your specific skin needs is key. We at La Tierra offer a variety of Oils, each with varied skin benefits like improves circulation, anti-ageing, acne reducing, detoxifying and regularizing pH balance of skin, soothing body aches and muscle sores etc. Besides these, it's also a great way to reduce cellulite formation and tone those muscles. If you're a fitness freak and love your workout sessions, you're going to make body massage a routine too.

La Tierra Massage Oils are made from Pure and All Natural Carrier Oils. Our ingredients include some of the most sought after Massage Oils like Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Cold Pressed and Extra Virgin Olive Oil etc that work wonders on your skin and body.

Warm massage therapy or Abhyanga/Abhyangam is proven in Ayurveda to hold immense healing abilities. Hence the use of Massage Oils has increased remarkably in the last few decades thanks to all the therapeutic goodness it offers.

Choose from our wide variety of Bath and Body Care accessories made from the best quality ingredients for the luxury experience that you deserve. Our online store offers you great deal of ease to shop and get products delivered at your doorstep with no additional charges and in the quickest time possible.

Yes, you heard it right! Free Shipping and COD is available too!! Enjoy your shopping experience.

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